Post. Tag. Win. – Round 1

Post Tag Win

They tell us all good things must come to an end. Well, we decided that “they” don’t know jack. So we recently announced the (pretty much) never ending Wolfgang Photo Contest. Why? Because that’s how the Wolfgang pack does things. We believe that when the good times are rolling, let ’em roll. So get in on this awesomeness right here. Show us what you do, where you go, and how you get down with your Wolfgang wearing beast. Just snap it, post it on instagram, tag it with #WGPhotoContest, and you could win. That’s what these guys did…


Captain Shark

@captain_shark – We all get by with a little help from our friends. This pair of beast friends have each other’s back… literally. That kind of devotion definitely deserves some tough and stylish Latigo leather. 


Happy Ringo

@happy_ringo – Sometimes the day’s adventure is just hanging out downtown, putting out the vibe, licking your own face. Wherever the day takes you, look good in the NativeLines collar.


@Hercules_Bulldog – Our CamoFlag collar had Hercules feeling so patriotic he volunteered to stand guard over the coast… or he’s just checking out seagulls. Either way he’s looking good doing it. 



@pappyvanwiggle – Carl knows that in the urban jungle it’s better to stand out, not hide. That’s why there’s the Ducklime Collar. 



Vance Rowley


@vancerowley – Puppy + Boat + Wolfgang  = Winning Combo

Wolfgang Launches in Japan!


When it comes to hunting for cool things to buy, there’s not much that compares to a day in the legendary shopping districts of Japan. The level of curation that you’ll see in the endless shops that line the streets and alleys in this amazing country is mind-boggling. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of kicks, vintage clothing, or even something as simple as a keychain, you will find it hard to decide on just one of anything…there will be too many cool things to choose from.

Making Wolfgang products available in Japan has been part of our brand vision from day one. The Japanese shopper tends to seek quality products that have been thoughtfully designed from a brand that has an authentic story, and we think Wolfgang fits the bill. The use of American materials, like the Horween Leather used in our leashes, collars and men’s belts adds to the story of quality and authenticity. Finally, our love of the country and its people runs deep; we’ve spent a lot of time in Japan between our business and family connections.

IMG_1802 IMG_1801

We have teamed up with a world-class Japanese distributor, Fortune, Inc., to take Wolfgang to Japan. Fortune are based in the Roppongi district of Tokyo and share our vision of what Wolfgang can bring to the Japanese customer. They have launched Wolfgang at its first trade show in Tokyo and the brand was well received…we couldn’t be more proud.

Japanese retailers and consumers can visit our sister site at to find out about becoming a Wolfgang reseller, to find a shop near them, and learn about Wolfgang in their native language.

IMG_1800 IMG_1804