Post. Tag. Win. – Round 1

Post Tag Win

They tell us all good things must come to an end. Well, we decided that “they” don’t know jack. So we recently announced the (pretty much) never ending Wolfgang Photo Contest. Why? Because that’s how the Wolfgang pack does things. We believe that when the good times are rolling, let ’em roll. So get in on this awesomeness right here. Show us what you do, where you go, and how you get down with your Wolfgang wearing beast. Just snap it, post it on instagram, tag it with #WGPhotoContest, and you could win. That’s what these guys did…


Captain Shark

@captain_shark – We all get by with a little help from our friends. This pair of beast friends have each other’s back… literally. That kind of devotion definitely deserves some tough and stylish Latigo leather. 


Happy Ringo

@happy_ringo – Sometimes the day’s adventure is just hanging out downtown, putting out the vibe, licking your own face. Wherever the day takes you, look good in the NativeLines collar.


@Hercules_Bulldog – Our CamoFlag collar had Hercules feeling so patriotic he volunteered to stand guard over the coast… or he’s just checking out seagulls. Either way he’s looking good doing it. 



@pappyvanwiggle – Carl knows that in the urban jungle it’s better to stand out, not hide. That’s why there’s the Ducklime Collar. 



Vance Rowley


@vancerowley – Puppy + Boat + Wolfgang  = Winning Combo

Wolfgang Man & Beast x Goldcoast Skateboards – Man/Beast/Skateboard


Wolfgang Man & Beast has crossbred with Goldcoast Skateboards on their new board, The Process, bringing graphic excellence to the age-old practice of being sled-dogged down the street on your skateboard by your key companion.

In this first-of-its-kind collaboration, Goldcoast brings their new symmetric, 38-inch long, 10-inch wide ultra-cruiser, The Process, a skateboard that is made out of panda food* and which rides on reverse pivot trucks and grippy 70-mm Shredboot wheels.

On the menu from Wolfgang are the ProcessPrint leash, collar, keychain and a new super comfortable harness, all infused with the repeating Process artwork and available in multiple sizes.

Put the kit together with the right dog and you’ll be physically unstoppable and fashionably unassailable.

*Bamboo! (No pandas were harmed in the making of this blog post.)





Aaron Bittner 2

Jack, the dog, accompanied his snowboarding master, Aaron Bittner, on a little backcountry booter run after the last dump of snow in Logan, Utah. They joined up with veteran photographer, Sean Sullivan, who was shooting stills of the session during the filming of the new Celtek video “Nothing to Prove.” It was perfect conditions with blue skies and shoulder-deep snow (shoulder deep for Jack, that is) and the session was a success…Jack had a great time. We may need to get Jack a doggy snorkel to go with his jacket if he wants to join Aaron in anything deeper.

“We spent the first day building a couple of jumps and hanging out in the blizzard,” says Aaron of their prep work. “We put in the work early so we could make the most of the sunny days to come.”

Aaron decided to bring Jack with him “to see how he could handle riding on the sled and running around in deep snow.” Not easy for any dog, but especially tough for a shorthaired, bully breed like Jack. “He handled it like a beast…but was ready to chill after two tough days of work,” Aaron said. Jack withheld comment, but seems gratified.

Our guess is that Jack will wag his half-frozen tail any time he sees Aaron gearing up the sled from now on.

Aaron Bittner 1



Mila is in the “Working Dog” group, but she’s never worked a day in her life. She spends as many days in the shop as her “master” Nate (we’re not sure who is master in this relationship, honestly) but she’s known to not contribute to his thriving screen printing operation, Offside Apparel in SLC, in any significant way. She does, however, know how to shake with both paws and she is always, always there with Nate.

Mila likes fishing, and running for no particular reason (Nate’s apparent exercise of choice), and seeing old friends. Just don’t invade her personal space, Nate’s office, if you’re a dog…it really makes her hot under the collar.






Nixon and his people, Brent & Sherry (movers & shakers in the skate biz), live in the Wall Street neighborhood of Manhattan. Nixon’s the first on his block to run Wolfgang. Actually, he is the very first dog on the whole island of Manhattan to run Wolfgang. He’s the first on the east coast. He’s the first, but he won’t be the last.

The VertDash print collar in the Salmon colorway brightens up the city as Nixon moves through the sometimes dreary streets. To be fair the dog is like a darn superhero everywhere he goes, so it’s a hard to claim that his Wolfgang collar takes him to the next level…it’s more like Nixon takes the collar to the next level. We’re proud to have him wearing it. Handsome little bugger.