Jeremy Jones & His Dog Mozzy Join Wolfgang!


We are excited to list Jeremy & Mozzy as the newest members of the Wolfgang Pack and look forward to the great dog stories that will inevitably come!

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Jeremy Jones grew up running around with his mutt Sigmund and skateboarding in Farmington, Utah. Sigmund was by Jeremy’s side for sixteen wonderful years!


While he calls skateboarding his great passion, it’s Jeremy’s involvement in snowboarding that has made the past 20+ winters far more fun…and he has built an impressive career out of sliding sideways on snow. Focusing mainly on shooting video parts, Jeremy can proudly list himself as one of the few (if not the only) rider to have a part in a film every year for the past 20 seasons! His list of sponsors include Nitro Snowboards, L1, Electric, Mizu, Milosport, Backcountry, Destroyer Equipment, and now Wolfgang Man & Beast.

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Once he had struck off on his own, Jeremy’s history as a dog dad continued. Shortly after he was married the Jones newlyweds got two Weimaraners and named them Nixon and Chase .  Although Chase lived just four years, Nixon blessed the family for sixteen!

The Jones’ little 9-month-old Havanese, Mozzy, is the latest addition to their family of four, and has been a great surprise for Jeremy. “I never thought I could be sold on a small dog…they all seemed so irritating and skittish,” Jeremy explains. “We love her and can’t imagine not having her around.”


How to Get the Correct Dog Collar Size, and How To Adjust a Collar

Collar Sz Video Screen Shot


Ordering the correct dog collar size, then adjusting it once it arrives can be a challenge. We made this short video to help.

Following a few simple steps can take away some of the guesswork:

  1. MEASURE YOUR DOG’S NECK – The easiest way to measure is to use a sewing or tailor’s tape. If you don’t have a tape, your dog’s old collar, a shoestring, or even a dog leash can be used to wrap around the dog’s neck and get a length…by measuring that length with a tape measure, or a ruler, you will come up with a good neck measurement. Be sure to consider the dog’s fur, and leave enough room for a couple fingers under the collar.
  2. ORDER A COLLAR BASED ON THE MEASUREMENT – Using our size drop-down menu, pick the collar size that is closest to your dog’s neck measurement. If your dog’s neck measurement falls on a crossover size (for example 18″… our Medium is 12″-18″ and Large is 18″-26″), decide if you want to be able to adjust smaller or larger than the measurement and pick the size accordingly.
  3. ADJUST THE COLLAR TO FIT PROPERLY – Once you receive your collar, adjust to fit by sliding the collar webbing through the ladder lock to make it larger or smaller. Make sure all excess webbing is pulled through the ladder lock and the male-end of the buckle and you’re good to go.

Check out the video!

Pet Industry People…Come See What’s New for 2017 at Global Pet Expo! Orange County Convention Center, March 22 – 24 2017, Orlando Florida


Designed for the fastest growing demographic in the pet biz, discerning pet parents, we celebrate our heritage of outdoor adventure and our love of original design. Wolfgang raises the bar with nine new prints for 2017! All made in USA.


Here’s a sneak peak at a few new prints: PledgeAllegiance, DayDream and StreetLogic

For Sales or International Distribution Inquiries Contact

Wolfgang Man & Beast at the SIA Snow Show

Loki The Wolfdog hanging out in the Wolfgang booth.

Wolfgang made its debut appearance at the SIA Snow Show last month in Denver, bringing the unique Wolfgang brand story to an industry that is close to our hearts. Buyers from around the world come to SIA every year to buy for the multi-billion dollar, global snow sports industry. There they see the newest in snowboard and ski equipment, outerwear, and accessories that make these dynamic sports appealing as winter activities and business opportunities.


With its booth in the new Trail Gate section of the show, Wolfgang was able to make its mark by appealing to something that many buyers, athletes, and exhibitors have in common…a love for dogs!

Although none of the Wolfgang shop dogs were in attendance at the show, there were many four-legged visitors to the booth, including the biggest celebrity-dog we know, Loki the Wolfdog! This guy has a social following that would make most Hollywood celebrities envious, and it’s easy to see why…he’s handsome, charming, and mysterious…all the attributes of a true superstar! And man, can he draw a crowd! Loki (and his agent/dad) hung out for a while admiring the new product lineup from Wolfgang, then moved on to grace others with his presence. What a stud. You can follow Loki on Instagram at @Loki_the_wolfdog


Bringing Wolfgang to a new trade show opens up possibilities for new retailers in new regions in the U.S. and around the world. Available in over 350 doors across the United States., Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan, Wolfgang is making a connection between what we buy for ourselves and what we buy for our dogs. With nine new, all-original designs for 2017, the mix is looking better than ever!

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Pat Moore & His Dog, Murphy, Join Wolfgang!


The team at Wolfgang are pleased to announce that Pat Moore and his trusty dog, Murphy, have joined The Pack! Pat is a snowboarding legend, and Murphy is a legend-in-the-making in the dog world. After being rescued by Pat and his girlfriend, Murphy’s paying them back by being a good companion. He’s by Pat’s side whenever he can be, is always keen to hit the trail for a hike, and is always working hard to make his people happy.

patmoore6   patmoore5

Look for Pat’s part in the highly anticipated upcoming snowboarding blockbuster, The Fourth Phase, which officially releases on October 2nd, 2016. You won’t see Murphy in the film, and we think the film’s the worse for it. Should be a good flick anyway, so check it out!

Welcome to The Pack, Pat and Murphy!

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It’s official… Ken Block has announced his new KBLOCK livery


It’s official… Ken Block has announced his new race livery for the 2016 season. Created with renowned street artist, Felipe Pantone, the new look is simultaneously psychedelic, trippy, and rad! There will be no mistaking Ken or his teammate, @AndreasBakkerud on the circuits of the 2016 FIA World RX season this year. The new Wolfgang KBlock products are COMING SOON and will start shipping within the next 10 days. In addition to collars and leashes, this season Wolfgang will also offer our ever-popular HARNESSES and all of it will be available in SMALL SIZES!!!

To coincide with kblock43’s reveal of his 2016 race livery, the new Wolfgang KBlock products are COMING SOON. In addition to collars and leashes, this season Wolfgang will also offer our ever-popular HARNESSES and all of it will be available in SMALL SIZES!!! This amazing art was created with renowned street artist, @FelipePantone, and the team at @TheHoonigans, and blends elements of geometric trippiness, and crisp, ethereal, gradient bolts. Your race-ready dog will leave the competition in the dust!

Wolfgang Man & Beast Grand Opening

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.21.11 PM

The new Wolfgang Man & Beast offices and shop are officially open for business, and we celebrated Saturday with a Grand Opening meet-and-greet for devoted friends, family, and fans alike.

We want to thank Ken Block (and his dogs, Yuki and Bentley), Justin Bennee for the music, Traeger Grills, and Tim Odland for his rad wolf painting, and of course all of you who braved the threatening rain, for making the event a big success. Despite the rain that eventually did fall we had a great turnout, ate a ton of tasty vittles, connected with old friends, and made many new friends along the way.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.23.32 PM  Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.21.44 PM  Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.28.32 PM

Fans of Ken’s had a chance to meet him and his dogs, grab an autograph, snap a pic, and poke around in his awe-inspiring Ford RaptorTRAX truck.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.20.46 PM   Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.22.27 PM

We had the chance to meet so many great people and tell the story of Wolfgang, but for those of you who weren’t able to attend, keep an eye out for opportunities to get a piece of the action soon. Hint…

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.22.08 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.31.36 AM

WOLFGANG MAN & BEAST has a new office! We’ve set up shop in a renovated factory building near the ballpark in Salt Lake City. Not only is this rad space our headquarters and workshop, we’ve also set up a small storefront to offer our local customers an opportunity to see and touch our complete product line.

To celebrate the opening of the Wolfgang HQ we will have world-renowned rescue huskies Yuki The Destroyer and Bentley Chicken Fingers with their very proud father-figure, KEN BLOCK along for the ride. Ken will be signing autographs for the three of them around 2 p.m. We will also have Ken’s famous Ford RaptorTRAX truck out front for photo ops and general jaw-dropping observation.

Other members of the Wolfgang Pack will be in and out throughout the day, including Justin Bennee, who’ll provide the music. Traeger Grills will be here to cook up many delicious things, and our friends at Best Friends Animal Society will be here to raise awareness of their no-kill efforts.

If you’re in the Salt Lake City area on October 17th, come by between 1 and 6 p.m. to see what we’ve got going on. Get here early enough to make sure you meet Ken and his dogs and before the food runs out.

Also, pick something up for your prized pup while you’re here…Wolfgang products will make him or her the envy of all the other fleabags in the dog park.

Click here for a MAP

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More Than A Cone


WOLFGANG was proud to join our friends at PetSmart and KONG, among others, in the More Than A Cone event on Friday, September 11, at The Autry in Los Angeles, California. More Than A Cone is part art festival, part fashion show, part concert, and part elbow-rubbing…and all with a good cause: proceeds from the event benefit Best Friends Animal Society, The Shelter Project, Angel City Pit Bulls and Kitten Rescue LA, all of whom are in the business of not killing animals.

Artists focus their talents on adorning the dreaded “cone of shame” worn by pets-on-the-mend using paint, embellishments, and by sculpting them into fantastic shapes. The cone of shame becomes true art and the animals win as the items are auctioned off for charity.

Wolfgang will donate a portion of its proceeds from the event to these worthy causes.

IMG_7427[1] IMG_7413[1]

Ken Block & the KB43 Series


The KB43 Leashes & Collars have landed and Ken finally got his hands on some in their packaging! “These things look dope!” Ken said when he got his box. We agree…they look rad! What a great addition to the Wolfgang lineup.

Even though Bentley Chicken Fingers and Yuki The Destroyer have been running these things for a long time, it’s great to see bulk production come through the doors, and to get it out to hungry fans of Ken Block, Hoonigan and, of course, Wolfgang.

As you might imagine, demand is high and we’re doing our best to keep up. Get ’em while you can. Your distinctive doggy will be at the top of the heap.


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