He doesn’t snowboard big mountains or urban terrain. He doesn’t mix beats because he has no thumbs. He doesn’t shoot any video parts. But Cassius’s number one fan and right-hand-man, Justin Bennee, does all those things. And even though Cassius greets his peers with a sniff of their butts, and maybe even an occasional dry-hump, Justin loves him all the same.

Justin Bennee is a pro snowboarder who rides for Nike, Nitro, Skullcandy, Ashbury, Howl, Ninja Team, Whishbone and Milosport…and now Wolfgang Man & Beast! He’s also a music producer who is as passionate about the music he makes as he is about riding his home resort of Brighton, Utah, or setting up a hit in a frozen city somewhere in the world. Justin and Cassius live in Salt Lake City and like to go hiking and chasing sticks in rivers when they’re not working.




Since 1905 Horween has been producing the finest selection of premium leathers right here in the United States using traditional techniques and inspired innovation. Generations of committed craftsmen have blended old-world chemistry and machinery with futuristic thinking to make any product bearing the Horween Leather mark among the most desirable in their class.

Visiting the Horween tannery in Chicago is like stepping back in time. With its low ceilings, metal-wheeled hand carts, vast drying rooms, massive tanning drums, and so much of their famous oils and greases on the floor that it’s like walking on a buttered dance floor, there’s a sense that this is how America was built…through metal and wood and hard work. Each room brings new sights and smells. Lots and lots of smells. And the mountains of leather of all descriptions in the final room, the finished goods room, are a designer’s dream.




Wolfgang teams up with old friends…legendary street skater and artist Natas Kaupas, and equally legendary skateboard photographer and photo editor Grant Brittain…to create the SKATE ’86 print; a photo-sublimated print of the classic Natas photo shot by Grant in 1986, an era which documents the birth of modern street skating.

“In the end it’s all about the landing”, says Grant of the photo. “In most cases the attempt doesn’t matter if the trick isn’t landed.” Grant continues, “There’s that moment when the wheels connect to concrete and a surefooted skateboarder rolls away to victory.” This photo, pulled from a sequence, certainly captures that moment.

For us at Wolfgang it’s a dream fulfilled to bring together our passion for product and the influences that have shaped that passion for many decades. Your dog probably doesn’t street skate so he may not care, but at least you can enjoy this slice of cultural significance as you take him out to sniff the world and make his mark.