Post. Tag. Win. – Round 1

Post Tag Win

They tell us all good things must come to an end. Well, we decided that “they” don’t know jack. So we recently announced the (pretty much) never ending Wolfgang Photo Contest. Why? Because that’s how the Wolfgang pack does things. We believe that when the good times are rolling, let ’em roll. So get in on this awesomeness right here. Show us what you do, where you go, and how you get down with your Wolfgang wearing beast. Just snap it, post it on instagram, tag it with #WGPhotoContest, and you could win. That’s what these guys did…


Captain Shark

@captain_shark – We all get by with a little help from our friends. This pair of beast friends have each other’s back… literally. That kind of devotion definitely deserves some tough and stylish Latigo leather. 


Happy Ringo

@happy_ringo – Sometimes the day’s adventure is just hanging out downtown, putting out the vibe, licking your own face. Wherever the day takes you, look good in the NativeLines collar.


@Hercules_Bulldog – Our CamoFlag collar had Hercules feeling so patriotic he volunteered to stand guard over the coast… or he’s just checking out seagulls. Either way he’s looking good doing it. 



@pappyvanwiggle – Carl knows that in the urban jungle it’s better to stand out, not hide. That’s why there’s the Ducklime Collar. 



Vance Rowley


@vancerowley – Puppy + Boat + Wolfgang  = Winning Combo

Wolfgang Launches in Japan!


When it comes to hunting for cool things to buy, there’s not much that compares to a day in the legendary shopping districts of Japan. The level of curation that you’ll see in the endless shops that line the streets and alleys in this amazing country is mind-boggling. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of kicks, vintage clothing, or even something as simple as a keychain, you will find it hard to decide on just one of anything…there will be too many cool things to choose from.

Making Wolfgang products available in Japan has been part of our brand vision from day one. The Japanese shopper tends to seek quality products that have been thoughtfully designed from a brand that has an authentic story, and we think Wolfgang fits the bill. The use of American materials, like the Horween Leather used in our leashes, collars and men’s belts adds to the story of quality and authenticity. Finally, our love of the country and its people runs deep; we’ve spent a lot of time in Japan between our business and family connections.

IMG_1802 IMG_1801

We have teamed up with a world-class Japanese distributor, Fortune, Inc., to take Wolfgang to Japan. Fortune are based in the Roppongi district of Tokyo and share our vision of what Wolfgang can bring to the Japanese customer. They have launched Wolfgang at its first trade show in Tokyo and the brand was well received…we couldn’t be more proud.

Japanese retailers and consumers can visit our sister site at to find out about becoming a Wolfgang reseller, to find a shop near them, and learn about Wolfgang in their native language.

IMG_1800 IMG_1804

Wolfgang is One!


What do you give someone who’s turning ONE? Nothing. A cupcake. A rattle. But for us, the birthday is the gift. Our first order was taken on Black Friday, 2013, and we’ve been running flat out since!


It’s been a great year for Wolfgang. We set out to offer something new and premium in the world of pet products, and we wanted to tie them together with premium accessories for us…for man. We’ve been making an impact on both fronts having released dozens of styles of products for man and beast, from Horween leather and custom printed webbing leashes and collars for your pup, to some very cool belts, wallets, hats and t-shirts for you. The response has been extremely good and the requests for more new styles come in daily.


The Wolfgang story is simple; We wanted premium products for our dogs that were in line with all the other products we pick for ourselves. The simple way to achieve that was for us to design the stuff ourselves…so we did. We wanted to manufacture as much as possible in the United States…so we do. We celebrate the bond between dogs and people by creating a closer link between the products for each of you.

Wolfgang Man & Beast products are available in over 80 retail locations across the United States and Canada, and will soon be available in Japan! We’re opening more doors every day, so keep your eyes peeled for shops in your area for the latest greatest Wolfgang goods.


Wolfgang would like to thank all who have supported us and who follow us on social media. One year down…many more to come!


The Fleabags at WOLFGANG MAN & BEAST

Wolfgang Man & Beast x Goldcoast Skateboards – Man/Beast/Skateboard


Wolfgang Man & Beast has crossbred with Goldcoast Skateboards on their new board, The Process, bringing graphic excellence to the age-old practice of being sled-dogged down the street on your skateboard by your key companion.

In this first-of-its-kind collaboration, Goldcoast brings their new symmetric, 38-inch long, 10-inch wide ultra-cruiser, The Process, a skateboard that is made out of panda food* and which rides on reverse pivot trucks and grippy 70-mm Shredboot wheels.

On the menu from Wolfgang are the ProcessPrint leash, collar, keychain and a new super comfortable harness, all infused with the repeating Process artwork and available in multiple sizes.

Put the kit together with the right dog and you’ll be physically unstoppable and fashionably unassailable.

*Bamboo! (No pandas were harmed in the making of this blog post.)




The Dusty Shop Dogs of Project Sunday


There’s one day of the week around Salt Lake City that ends up being real quiet…and that’s Sunday. For reasons that should be obvious, many of the city’s inhabitants aren’t working or shopping. This leaves the streets and businesses wide open for industrious guys like Jordan Omohundro and his hand-picked crew to get done just about anything they want to get done. This regional phenomenon has everything to do with how Jordan’s group, called Project Sunday, came to be.

ps4     IMG_4257

Working out of their part furniture-building, part bike-building shop, these cats (and their saw-dusty dogs) make interesting things happen. A quick visual inventory of the space counts up many seemingly unrelated yet beautifully connected objects; reclaimed industrial floodlights turned living room lamps; disused interior house doors turned mixed media collage canvases; an organic vapor meter (whatever that is) turned eye candy; a hand crafted rifle rack with its own cartoon inspired muzzle blast. Fun, funny and downright cool crap is everywhere.

IMG_4270     IMG_4301

On top of the re-imagined items are all kinds of pieces of bespoke furniture in various levels of completion made for customers from near and far. It is this custom furniture that is the core of the Project Sunday business. There are custom display cases for boutique retailers. Custom barstools for one-off restaurants. Custom marquee signs. Living room lamps for lucky homeowners. Everything custom. Everything unique. Everything from Jordan’s imagination.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.47.55 AM     Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.47.16 AM

A layer of sawdust covers every inch of this place, and almost everything in the space is a part of an elaborate play structure for two quintessential shop dogs, Cash and Luna. This Shar Pei mix and Shepard mix duo go at it like a couple of honey badgers fighting for supremacy, diving under tables and table saws, weaving amongst hand built street bikes and welding benches, playing tug-o-war with discarded table legs…the entertainment level for us people is high and their contribution to the vibe of the shop seems vital to the creative process. Every time we visit these guys we want to buy something. More importantly, we always walk away inspired to do more cool Wolfgang projects and to do them better.


Check out more of Project Sunday’s work at

Furturtle Show Prints + Wolfgang Man & Beast


We recently connected with Furturtle Show Prints owner and artist, Travis Bone, in the Liberty Park neighborhood of Salt Lake City for a Wolfgang poster project. We have been fans and collectors of Travis’s work for a long time. His illustration style and choices of color are classic with a distinct vibrancy, and the subject matter ranges from trippy cityscapes to woodland creatures to tractors to buzzards…and just about anything in between.

furturtle             paintcans

From his tiny, little shop Travis has created hundreds (over four hundred by his count!) of numbered, limited edition posters for hundreds of bands and shows of all descriptions. He prints as few as twenty-five and rarely more than one-hundred of each piece before he strips the screens, erasing the source, and moves on.

Travis is a very busy man and the results speak for themselves. He is surrounded by the inhabitants of his imagination, made physical by the works he creates.

For our project we gave little direction other than we wanted to depict the bond between Man & Beast. The result is pure Furturtle and is everything we hoped for. Look for it in future posts and pick one up on our site while they’re available.

Check out more of Travis Bone’s amazing work at

drawers2            shop


Aaron Bittner 2

Jack, the dog, accompanied his snowboarding master, Aaron Bittner, on a little backcountry booter run after the last dump of snow in Logan, Utah. They joined up with veteran photographer, Sean Sullivan, who was shooting stills of the session during the filming of the new Celtek video “Nothing to Prove.” It was perfect conditions with blue skies and shoulder-deep snow (shoulder deep for Jack, that is) and the session was a success…Jack had a great time. We may need to get Jack a doggy snorkel to go with his jacket if he wants to join Aaron in anything deeper.

“We spent the first day building a couple of jumps and hanging out in the blizzard,” says Aaron of their prep work. “We put in the work early so we could make the most of the sunny days to come.”

Aaron decided to bring Jack with him “to see how he could handle riding on the sled and running around in deep snow.” Not easy for any dog, but especially tough for a shorthaired, bully breed like Jack. “He handled it like a beast…but was ready to chill after two tough days of work,” Aaron said. Jack withheld comment, but seems gratified.

Our guess is that Jack will wag his half-frozen tail any time he sees Aaron gearing up the sled from now on.

Aaron Bittner 1



Mila is in the “Working Dog” group, but she’s never worked a day in her life. She spends as many days in the shop as her “master” Nate (we’re not sure who is master in this relationship, honestly) but she’s known to not contribute to his thriving screen printing operation, Offside Apparel in SLC, in any significant way. She does, however, know how to shake with both paws and she is always, always there with Nate.

Mila likes fishing, and running for no particular reason (Nate’s apparent exercise of choice), and seeing old friends. Just don’t invade her personal space, Nate’s office, if you’re a dog…it really makes her hot under the collar.






Nixon and his people, Brent & Sherry (movers & shakers in the skate biz), live in the Wall Street neighborhood of Manhattan. Nixon’s the first on his block to run Wolfgang. Actually, he is the very first dog on the whole island of Manhattan to run Wolfgang. He’s the first on the east coast. He’s the first, but he won’t be the last.

The VertDash print collar in the Salmon colorway brightens up the city as Nixon moves through the sometimes dreary streets. To be fair the dog is like a darn superhero everywhere he goes, so it’s a hard to claim that his Wolfgang collar takes him to the next level…it’s more like Nixon takes the collar to the next level. We’re proud to have him wearing it. Handsome little bugger.