Pat Moore & His Dog, Murphy, Join Wolfgang!


The team at Wolfgang are pleased to announce that Pat Moore and his trusty dog, Murphy, have joined The Pack! Pat is a snowboarding legend, and Murphy is a legend-in-the-making in the dog world. After being rescued by Pat and his girlfriend, Murphy’s paying them back by being a good companion. He’s by Pat’s side whenever he can be, is always keen to hit the trail for a hike, and is always working hard to make his people happy.

patmoore6   patmoore5

Look for Pat’s part in the highly anticipated upcoming snowboarding blockbuster, The Fourth Phase, which officially releases on October 2nd, 2016. You won’t see Murphy in the film, and we think the film’s the worse for it. Should be a good flick anyway, so check it out!

Welcome to The Pack, Pat and Murphy!

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by Todd Finney