Livery43 COMFORT DOG HARNESS – Wolfgang Man & Beast
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Once again Wolfgang teams up with Ken Block, and his beloved dogs to bring an all new print, which looks a bit…familiar! Based on one of his favorite cars from 2010, the legacy “Drips” livery on side-A of this new print harkens back to Ken’s first year as a World Rally Championship driver. Side-B comes back to us from the ever raucous and crowd-pleasing Hoonicorn V1, in which Ken took Gymkhana to new levels in the streets of Los Angeles. If you’re a fan of Ken’s, or just love cool art, the Livery43 print fits the bill.

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DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG UNATTENDED WEARING A HARNESS: Our harnesses are NOT indestructible. Based on the design of the Wolfgang Comfort Harness, we recommend that it be used for walks and then promptly removed. Since the harness is designed to ride lower on the chest, rather than around the neck, dogs are able to get their mouths around portions of the harness and chew takes just a few seconds! Dogs' teeth are designed to chew through bones, sinew, cartilage, and other tough materials, so webbing is really no match.