8 Reasons Your Furry Friends Need Wolfgang Collars and Leashes

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8 Reasons Your Furry Friends Need Wolfgang Collars and Leashes

As an owner of a young dog who is growing so much faster than I was prepared for, I was so happy to stumble on Wolfgang. My sweet Molly, like many other furry friends I know, has such a colorful personality, but can also be quite wild and occasionally destructive - she has finally met her match! These collars and leashes are definitely #1 on my list of dog-product-recommendations. Wolfgang's high quality materials and fun designs are perfect for all the furry friends in your life! Read on for 8 reasons that Wolfgang is the right choice:

1. Durable and fray-resistant

Wolfgang's collars and leashes are made to be highly durable & resistant to frustrating scuff-marks that cause fuzziness. No-stitch seam construction, webbed ends, and hot-cut ends prevent fraying and tearing. Even the clips are made with welded seams so they're not budging. Wolfgang put incredible thought into each aspect of the production process to ensure that their products are top-tier, extremely durable, and will be with you and your pups for a long time. 

Wolfgang Digifloral Collar
Wolfgang Daydream Collar


Dog Collar

Daydream Style

Starting at $17.95

The highest quality collar for the highest quality best friends! Made to be extremely durable & abrasion resistant, easily adjustable for size and reinforced nylon side-release buckle is curved to match the curvature of your dog's neck. 


2. Over 35 art-forward, thoughtful designs

Wolfgang PackLeader Collection

Wolfgang offers a style to fit every dog's personality. Honestly, I'm a little jealous of my dog, Molly, when she struts around in her Packleader collar and leash. Most all designs offer 3 collar choices (classic, martingale, and harness) and 2 leash choices (classic and dual-handle), so you can be the coolest pair at the dog park with your matching set. Plus, they're UV stable and fade resistant so your design will continue to be as cool as the day you got it!

3. Resistant to water, mildew, & stink

If your pup wears their collar at all times, you know the kind of stink that can radiate from that thing after awhile. Here's why I love Wolfgang: no nylon = no stink. The water-resistant polyester doesn't allow liquids to get trapped in the threads and create mildew that leaves a nasty aroma. I'm sure if it's not pleasant to us as owners, it's probably not so nice for our pups either. Your sweet angel deserves to smell good and not have to live in a damp, smelly collar!

Wolfgang Packleader Collar
Wolfgang Overland Leash


Dog Leash

Overland Style

Starting at $19.95

Made in the US to be highly durable, easily washable, fade and stink resistant, and pull tested to over 700 pounds. With the 360 degree swivel steel snap hook, you don't have to worry about getting twisted or tangled. 


4. Can contain even the biggest of doggos

Wolfgang Sunset Palms Collection

Wolfgang collars and leashes have been pull-tested to over 800 pounds! The high quality materials and attention to detail when designing allows for incredible strength and durability so even the strongest of doggos can still be contained for their own safety and well-being. Because the collars are offered in classic collar form, harnesses, and martingales, you can easily find the fit that's right for your furry friend and their walking habits. 

5. Over 8,500 5-star reviews

From one dog-owner to another... Wolfgang products are the best I've come by. But don't just take my word for it, listen to the other furry-child parents too!


"These are by far my favorite collars. They have all the specs I look for, they are well made and have l so many cute styles. Customer for life!"

Daydream Collar

Sarah L.


"Vibrant colors. This is the third design of collar/leash/harness combos I have purchased from Wolfgang. I love that they all match and are great quality."

Packleader Leash

Kelly F.


"An easy fitting collar for a growing Cane Corso. She doesn't itch at it and has been unable to chew it up. The colors are great and easy to adjust."

Digifloral Collar

Elisha S.

6. Leashes are offered with extra handle for more control

So many factors are involved in walking your furry friend, and sometimes you need a little extra control. Wolfgang offers a classic leash with a single handle, but also offers a leash with a second handle close to the collar clip, The dual-handle design in the React Leash makes taking control easy and can put you in the driver seat during stressful moments. Whether you're close to a busy road, nearing another furry friend, or even training their walking habits, the second handle will definitely help you keep your fur baby safe!

Wolfgang Leashes
Wolfgang Packleader React Leash


React Dual-Handle Leash

Packleader style


With its dual-handle design, the React Leash makes taking control easy with an extra handle very close to the leash’s collar attachment, bringing maximum control as close as possible to your beloved and sometimes boisterous beast.


7. Loyalty warranty covers you if your doggo makes a mistake

Wolfgang LostArt Collection

Sometimes your little angel can have a moment of menace and decide to chew on their collar - Wolfgang understands! Even though their products are extremely durable, they know that some doggos could chew through a brick wall, so Wolfgang offers a Loyalty Warranty. This way, you can send a photo of the damaged item and receive a code for 50% off a replacement item so you can forgive your sweet pup and get back to cuddling.

8. Founded by an American dog-lover

The Wolfgang brand was founded to celebrate the relationship between a dog and their people. Originally created in Utah, these collars, leashes, and more are still made in U.S.A. using U.S. sourced polyester fiber/yarn which is milled & printed in the U.S. This means products are transported minimally and made so well that that they are replaced rarely. It's time to order a matching collar, leash, (and maybe a matching human accessory) to proudly celebrate your relationship the fun way. 

Wolfgang RetroFit Collection

Find your furry friend's style now!