Cassius & Justin Bennee

Justin Bennee and Cassius playing with a stick in the river.

He doesn’t snowboard big mountains or urban terrain. He doesn’t mix beats because he has no thumbs. He doesn’t shoot any video parts. But Cassius’s number one fan and right-hand-man, Justin Bennee, does all those things. And even though Cassius greets his peers with a sniff of their butts, and maybe even an occasional dry-hump, Justin loves him all the same.

Justin Bennee is a pro snowboarder who rides for Nike, Nitro, Skullcandy, Ashbury, Howl, Ninja Team, Whishbone and Milosport…and now Wolfgang Man & Beast! He’s also a music producer who is as passionate about the music he makes as he is about riding his home resort of Brighton, Utah, or setting up a hit in a frozen city somewhere in the world. Justin and Cassius live in Salt Lake City and like to go hiking and chasing sticks in rivers when they’re not working.