Furturtle Show Prints + Wolfgang Man & Beast

Travis Bone Furturtle in his studio.

We recently connected with Furturtle Show Prints owner and artist, Travis Bone, in the Liberty Park neighborhood of Salt Lake City for a Wolfgang poster project. We have been fans and collectors of Travis’s work for a long time. His illustration style and choices of color are classic with a distinct vibrancy, and the subject matter ranges from trippy cityscapes to woodland creatures to tractors to buzzards…and just about anything in between.

From his tiny, little shop Travis has created hundreds (over four hundred by his count!) of numbered, limited edition posters for hundreds of bands and shows of all descriptions. He prints as few as twenty-five and rarely more than one-hundred of each piece before he strips the screens, erasing the source, and moves on.

Travis is a very busy man and the results speak for themselves. He is surrounded by the inhabitants of his imagination, made physical by the works he creates.

For our project we gave little direction other than we wanted to depict the bond between Man & Beast. The result is pure Furturtle and is everything we hoped for. Look for it in future posts and pick one up on our site while they’re available.

Check out more of Travis Bone’s amazing work at Furturtle.com