Horween Leathers & Wolfgang

Horween Men's belt on bench.

Since 1905 Horween has been producing the finest selection of premium leathers right here in the United States using traditional techniques and inspired innovation. Generations of committed craftsmen have blended old-world chemistry and machinery with futuristic thinking to make any product bearing the Horween Leather mark among the most desirable in their class.

Visiting the Horween tannery in Chicago is like stepping back in time. With its low ceilings, metal-wheeled hand carts, vast drying rooms, massive tanning drums, and so much of their famous oils and greases on the floor that it’s like walking on a buttered dance floor, there’s a sense that this is how America was built…through metal and wood and hard work. Each room brings new sights and smells. Lots and lots of smells. And the mountains of leather of all descriptions in the final room, the finished goods room, are a designer’s dream.

Inside the Horween tannery.