How to Get the Correct Dog Collar Size, and How To Adjust a Collar

Ordering the correct dog collar size, then adjusting it once it arrives can be a challenge. We made this short video to help.

Following a few simple steps can take away some of the guesswork:

  1. MEASURE YOUR DOG'S NECK - The easiest way to measure is to use a sewing or tailor's tape. If you don't have a tape, your dog's old collar, a shoestring, or even a dog leash can be used to wrap around the dog's neck and get a measuring that length with a tape measure or a ruler, you will come up with a good neck measurement. Be sure to consider the dog's fur, and leave enough room for a couple fingers under the dog collar.
  2. ORDER A COLLAR BASED ON THE MEASUREMENT - Using our size drop-down menu, pick the collar size that is closest to your dog's neck measurement. If your dog's neck measurement falls on a crossover size (for example 18"... our Medium is 12"-18" and Large is 18"-26"), decide if you want to be able to adjust smaller or larger than the measurement and pick the size accordingly.
  3. ADJUST THE COLLAR TO FIT PROPERLY - Once you receive your collar, adjust to fit by sliding the collar webbing through the ladder lock to make it larger or smaller. Make sure all excess webbing is pulled through the ladder lock and the male-end of the buckle and you're good to go.

Check out the video!