Jack & Aaron Biittner

Aaron Biittner and his dog Jack playing in the snow.

Jack, the dog, accompanied his snowboarding master, Aaron Bittner, on a little backcountry booter run after the last dump of snow in Logan, Utah. They joined up with veteran photographer, Sean Sullivan, who was shooting stills of the session during the filming of the new Celtek video “Nothing to Prove.” It was perfect conditions with blue skies and shoulder-deep snow (shoulder deep for Jack, that is) and the session was a success…Jack had a great time. We may need to get Jack a doggy snorkel to go with his jacket if he wants to join Aaron in anything deeper.

“We spent the first day building a couple of jumps and hanging out in the blizzard,” says Aaron of their prep work. “We put in the work early so we could make the most of the sunny days to come.”

Aaron decided to bring Jack with him “to see how he could handle riding on the sled and running around in deep snow.” Not easy for any dog, but especially tough for a shorthaired, bully breed like Jack. “He handled it like a beast…but was ready to chill after two tough days of work,” Aaron said. Jack withheld comment, but seems gratified.

Our guess is that Jack will wag his half-frozen tail any time he sees Aaron gearing up the sled from now on.