Jeremy Jones & His Dog Mozzy Join Wolfgang!

We are excited to list Jeremy & Mozzy as the newest members of the Wolfgang Pack and look forward to the great dog stories that will inevitably come!

Jeremy Jones grew up running around with his mutt Sigmund and skateboarding in Farmington, Utah. Sigmund was by Jeremy’s side for sixteen wonderful years!

Black & white photo of Mozzy the dog standing in a doorway looking back.

Jeremy Jones sitting in his backyard with his crutches and his dog Mozzy.

While he calls skateboarding his great passion, it’s Jeremy’s involvement in snowboarding that has made the past 20+ winters far more fun…and he has built an impressive career out of sliding sideways on snow. Focusing mainly on shooting video parts, Jeremy can proudly list himself as one of the few (if not the only) rider to have a part in a film every year for the past 20 seasons! His list of sponsors include Nitro Snowboards, L1, Electric, Mizu, Milosport, Backcountry, Destroyer Equipment, and now Wolfgang Man & Beast.Jeremy Jones doing an ollie over a handrail on his skateboard with a sunset in the background.

Once he had struck off on his own, Jeremy’s history as a dog dad continued. Shortly after he was married the Jones newlyweds got two Weimaraners and named them Nixon and Chase .  Although Chase lived just four years, Nixon blessed the family for sixteen!

The Jones’ little 9-month-old Havanese, Mozzy, is the latest addition to their family of four, and has been a great surprise for Jeremy. “I never thought I could be sold on a small dog…they all seemed so irritating and skittish,” Jeremy explains. “We love her and can’t imagine not having her around.”

Jeremy Jones doing a hand plant on his snowboard in the woods.