Nick Rimando Discusses Life After Pro Soccer & Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We wanted to catch up with Nick Rimando and talk to him about life after Pro Soccer. Here’s how that went:

Nick Rimando walking with bully dog.

Q: How is life after your amazing MLS career with Real Salt Lake?

A: Life has been great so far. I’ve had some time to relax, get away from the game, and to focus on myself. I tackled some surgeries that I needed and now I’m just enjoying some time with my kids.

Nick Rimando with dogs Bruno & Owin

Q: What’s your go-to Wolfgang print and what drew you to the brand?

A: We really like the OverLand print…it reminds us of the landscape here in Utah and looks great on Bruno & Owin! What can I say? Wolfgang makes cool stuff!

Q: How have you been spending your time during the COVID-19 disruptions.

A: I’ve been spending a lot of time at home during these crazy times. We had a lot of trips planned, but those had to be put on hold until life gets back to normal. We’ve had lots of pool time, hikes, dog walks, and beating my son on the basketball court! I’ve also knocked off a lot of movies and TV shows on the couch.

Dogs Bruno & Owin the back of pickup truck.

Q: What inspired you to get bully breeds, what do you like about them, and have Bruno and Owin lived up to the reputation?

A: I always wanted an English Bulldog growing up, but I just traveled so much and didn’t want to put the responsibility on my parents. Once I settled down in Salt Lake City and found a girlfriend who also loves bulldogs it was a no-brainer and the time was right. They are great with kids, handsome, and the best cuddle bugs…plus they’re easy to tire out 😉.

Nick Rimando with dog.

Q: Do you have plans to be involved with RSL or soccer in the future?

A: At the end of my career I wanted some time away. I didn’t want to see a soccer ball or game. Now eight months down the road I’ve gotten the itch back again and I miss the game. I started doing some individual training and the kids and parents have really enjoyed it. I’m in the process of creating a training company to inspire and groom the next generation of soccer players.