Wolfgang Man & Beast at the SIA Snow Show

Wolfgang made its debut appearance at the SIA Snow Show last month in Denver, bringing the unique Wolfgang brand story to an industry that is close to our hearts. Buyers from around the world come to SIA every year to buy for the multi-billion dollar, global snow sports industry. There they see the newest in snowboard and ski equipment, outerwear, and accessories that make these dynamic sports appealing as winter activities and business opportunities.

With its booth in the new Trail Gate section of the show, Wolfgang was able to make its mark by appealing to something that many buyers, athletes, and exhibitors have in common…a love for dogs!

Although none of the Wolfgang shop dogs were in attendance at the show, there were many four-legged visitors to the booth, including the biggest celebrity-dog we know, Loki the Wolfdog! This guy has a social following that would make most Hollywood celebrities envious, and it’s easy to see why…he’s handsome, charming, and mysterious…all the attributes of a true superstar! And man, can he draw a crowd! Loki (and his agent/dad) hung out for a while admiring the new product lineup from Wolfgang, then moved on to grace others with his presence. What a stud. You can follow Loki on Instagram at @Loki_the_wolfdog

Bringing Wolfgang to a new trade show opens up possibilities for new retailers in new regions in the U.S. and around the world. Available in over 350 doors across the United States., Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan, Wolfgang is making a connection between what we buy for ourselves and what we buy for our dogs. With nine new, all-original designs for 2017, the mix is looking better than ever!