Wolfgang and OneVibe Create the BeachBreak Print!

Wolfgang and illustration artist OneVibe have teamed up to create the BeachBreak print…a fun and vivid depiction of Hawaiian beach life! Warm, sunny days. Relaxing in the sand. Watching the surf, the people, and of course the dogs. A day, or night, at the beach has a soothing, energizing effect and just makes life better.

OneVibe hiking with dogs.

OneVibe Creative Studios, based in Honolulu, Hawaii, is a design house focused on illustration-based graphic design. Its founder and sole artist, Kenny Vidinich, works and lives on the backwaters of Manualua Bay in East Honolulu. This watery suburban environment, plus the many nearby world-class beaches, set the landscape from which he draws much of his inspiration.

Family kayaking with dogs.

The BeachBreak print pulls from this reservoir of creativity and just might bring a smile to your face. If it doesn’t, get the dogs geared up, grab a towel and a chair, and head down for a day of fun at the nearest beach!


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