Wolfgang Martingale Collars + Thomas Davis

Wolfgang brand ambassadors run the gamut of backgrounds, but all of them have one thing in common…a distinct love of and deep connection with their dogs!

Known as America’s Canine Educator, Thomas Davis has perhaps the deepest insight into the dogs with whom he interacts. They have been interwoven into nearly every day of Thomas’s life, and his journey has been as natural a “career path” as one could ever hope to take. Even the most pure and wild of the canines, the wolf, finds a friend and mentor in Thomas Davis.

Thomas Davis with Belgian Malenios

On any given day Thomas can be found working with dogs and their owners around the country, teaching each how to understand what the other wants. His tagline, No Bad Dogs, gives a glimpse into his mindset concerning dog training…and, of course, people training.

Belgian Malenios wearing martingale collar

In this video, Thomas explains how a martingale collar can help with training, and why Wolfgang martingale collars are an excellent option.

Go to Thomas’s YouTube channel to view dozens of brilliant training videos, and follow him on Instagram at @TomDavis for daily doggie inspiration.

Thomas walking belgian malenios

Thomas Davis with Belgian malenios exiting van

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