Ken Block lives an interesting life. One day he’s driving a car on the edge of disaster for one of his iconic Gymkhana series’ films, the next he’s riding his snowboard on the mountain that looms in his backyard. It’s why he and his wife, Lucy, love living in Park City, Utah.
One key to the Blocks maintaining sanity in their crazy life is the grounding effect of their dogs, Yuki (The Destroyer) and Bentley (Chicken Fingers) who are always waiting and ready to go when they return from “a day at the office.” Ken and Lucy include the dogs whenever it makes sense, and sometimes even when it doesn’t.
Ken and his Hoonigan Racing Division design team developed the GeoDrip print to skin his new snowmobile and we thought it would make a great print for Wolfgang leashes, collars and harnesses. We added Hoonigan’s perennial slogan, Kill All Tires, to Side-B and the result speaks for itself.
Together with Ken, we wanted to create a film to launch the GeoDrip print. We knew it was going to be a fun project when the first creative meeting started with the question “What if?” In this case, it got better from there: “What if we take our dogs on our snowmobiles and have lunch in the backcountry at Powder Mountain?”
Watch as we chronicle this unique day at Pow Mou, complete with dogs on snowmobiles, late-season snowboarding, a snowmobile-mounted charcuterie board, doggie goggles, and a lot of frolicking in the snow. 
If this one doesn’t make you smile, you’re as hard as they come.

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