Colby Crossland carrying his dog, Forelle, over his shoulders.

Colby D. Crossland is living the dream of many anglers by working as a professional fly fishing guide in the beautiful state of Utah. By splitting his time between Dutch John and Moab, Colby is able to keep himself and his clientele in the fish, and in the great seasonal weather offered by these two magical locations.

Colby Crossland and his dog Forelle in a field with some pheasants. Forelle the dog overlooking a beautiful canyon in Utah.

Colby’s trusty Wirehair Pointer, Forelle Harris Vom Traberwolf (forelle being the German word for trout) can usually be found by Colby’s side and doing what he does best, hunting for fish, birds, lizards, or whatever else he can scare up. What an amazingly handsome pup he is…and what a team!

Welcome to The Pack!

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Colby Crossland holding a large fish with his dog Forelle in the water next to him. Forelle the dog walking through a grassy field.

Colby Crossland with a big fish on the line and his dog Forelle looking on.