JD Platt in the snow with one of his show dogs flipping through the air to catch a frisbee.

Long before J.D. Platt ever watched one of his canines launch into the air, he had an appreciation for big air! What began at the age of 3 years old as a passion for different types of sports later became a career after snowboarding for the first time in 1983.

JD Platt snowboarding in deep powder.

For over 13 years he was a Professional Snowboarder traveling the world; competing at national and world cup tours, filming, photo shoots, product development and having the time of his life. Career highlights include: 13 years coaching at Mt. Hood Summer Camps, 2-Time Air and Style Finalist, 2-Time X-Games Boardercross Finalist, Cover of 1994 Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, 3rd Place Pro Masters Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom and the inventor of the “Lien Dracula “. Now in 2017 he’s back with a NEW Signature Series “SnoBat” from SnoPlanks.

                   JD Platt's show dogs sitting on barstools in front of the American flag. JD Platt's show dogs on barstools in front of the American flag.

Destiny and a career choice all changed in 1996. As he was hitchhiking home after a day of riding at Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon a Professional K9 Entertainer for the NFL picked him up. That moment, place and time in life changed everything!

JD Platt with a dog launching off his back to catch a frisbee.

For the last 20 years J.D. has developed his own unique style, approaching the dog world by combining his talents and life story to create one of the top K9 Entertainment businesses in the world “The K9 Kings Flying Dog Show”. His team of eleven K9 Athletes have included rescue, shelter, rare, pure and mixed breeds. They have performed coast to coast displaying crowd pleasing acrobatic trick dog shows for millions of people. They’ve appeared on Animal Planet, NBC Sports and the CBS reality show “Greatest American Dog” along with numerous other media outlets. They’ve also competed in disc dog events earning numerous titles like Four-Time World Finalist, FDDO National Champions, Multiple State Championships and Two-Time Purina National Finalist.

JD Platt's K9 Kings Show Dogs bright yellow and black travel rig.

J.D. has trained over twenty diverse dogs in the last two decades to perform amazing tricks, high flying stunts and obedience. But, appreciating the loyal and unconditional way dogs bring happiness to our lives is his greatest accomplishment. He feels incredibly blessed to work on a daily basis with Man’s Best Friend.
In 2017 he will be performing at numerous events like the GoPro Mountain Games, Festivals, Fairs, Corporate Events and Trade Shows around the country. Check out his website www.k9kings.com – Follow him on Insta:@jdsk9kings and @jdplattssnowlife or on facebook.com/k9kings