Ken Block wearing a backpack holding his snowboard hiking with his dogs Yuki & Bentley in the snow.

Ken Blockʼs professional career began in the early 90s and his rally career began in 2005, but his life with dogs started in 2000 when he rescued his first Siberian Husky, Max, from an animal control facility in Carlsbad, CA. Soon thereafter he took in his second dog, another Siberian Husky named Zack, this time from a Siberian Husky rescue located north of Los Angeles, CA. Block has had a furry companion by his side ever since.

Ken Block and Bentley in the engine bay of Ken's Ford rally car.

While he’s had great successes in the business world with his former company, DC Shoes, as well as continuing to hone his skills and car control throughout the years in his race career—racking up numerous medals, top-10 finishes and wins in X Games, the Rally America championship, World Rally Championship, Global Rallycross Championship and WorldRX Championsihp—he’s also honed his skills as a dog owner.

Ken Block on couch with Yuki & Bentley.

As he’s continued racing over the years, one of Block’s highlights of returning home from events has always been his dogs greeting him at the door, ready and excited for their next adventure together. Whether it’s to the local coffee shop, on a hike up into the mountains of Park City or just a truck ride over to Block’s Hoonigan Racing Headquarters for a day at the office, the time they spend together is priceless.

Ken Block with his dog Bentley in the back of his Ford Raptor on the Great Salt Lake.

While Block’s two original Siberian Huskies have passed on, he’s opened his home to two more: Yuki and Bentley. They’re constants on Block’s social media channels and his fans love them almost as much as he does.

Ken Block with Yuki & Bentley with a couple friends in his shop.