Ken Block wearing a backpack holding his snowboard hiking with his dogs Yuki & Bentley in the snow.

This is a tough post to write. We were so sad to learn of the tragic death of our old friend, investor, and brand ambassador, Ken Block, here in Utah on 1/2/23. As the news began to break, we were in shock, and our thoughts and prayers immediately turned to Ken’s beautiful family. 

Ken has been an inspiration to us on the Wolfgang team since the early ‘90s (long before Wolfgang’s launch) since our paths crossed often in the board sports industry. He directed and shaped important aspects of youth and sports culture, along with the associated businesses, and it’s been fun to watch!

We have been so privileged to work with Ken for years on his various Wolfgang prints, and those collaborations, along with all of our other interactions, will be greatly missed.

Although Ken was known most recently for his top-tier driving abilities and YouTube prowess, it was actually his indescribably strong work ethic, vision, and marketing chops that made those endeavors so successful. In those respects, he can only be described as a legend!

Most importantly to us, though, Ken was a legendary family man…a family which includes his three wonderful kids, his dear and dedicated wife, Lucy, and his rescued dogs. As with any truly amazing person, his family took precedence over all other interests and activities, and it is that quality that brought him to the absolute peak of our admiration. 

Ken Block and Bentley in the engine bay of Ken's Ford rally car.

Ken Block on couch with Yuki & Bentley.

Ken Block with his dog Bentley in the back of his Ford Raptor on the Great Salt Lake.

Ken Block with Yuki & Bentley with a couple friends in his shop.