Nick Rimando with his dogs, Bruno & Owin in downtown Salt Lake City.Wolfgang Man & Beast is pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Nick Rimando, goalkeeper for Real Salt Lake, Utah’s standout contender in Major League Soccer’s Western Conference. 

We’re always on the lookout for a good dog story, and we find them in some interesting places. In the case of Nick Rimando, the story is of a dog-loving family man who happens to be a record-setting professional soccer player.  Nick Rimando in a shop with his dogs.

When it comes to protecting a soccer goal, few have achieved what Nick Rimando has. With a pro career spanning almost two decades, he's a two-time MLS Cup champion, was the 2009 MLS Cup MVP, is a five-time All Star, and holds the records for most saves, games played, minutes played, shutouts, and wins! Nick was also a member of the U.S. National Team from 2002-2017, was on the Gold Cup winning team in 2013, and was on the roster for the 2014 World Cup team in Brazil. 

Nick is rightfully proud of his accomplishments on the pitch, but his family, including his wife and two kids, plus their two dogs, are his crowning achievements.

Nick Rimando on the soccer pitch with snow flying.

Owin is a two-year-old French Bulldog. He is a ball of energy and a bit of a bulldozer. He enjoys off-leash hikes, playing with his brother Bruno, camping (as long as it’s not too cold) and taking naps by the fire. He’s proud of his knack for destroying just about any toy in a matter of minutes and his ability to snore even while he’s wide awake. Owin is a nosy neighbor. He is always perched in the front window watching over the house and whatever else is out there. He recently overcame his fear of stairs and can now ascend and descend flights of stairs confidently. 

Bruno is one-year-old Olde English Bulldog. While Bruno looks like a big tough guy, he is actually a sensitive soul with big feelings. Bruno loves finding the perfect stick to chew, off-leash walks, barreling through the house like a freight train, playing keep away from Owin, basketball, and kisses. Bruno has an irrational fear of brooms, mops and vacuums and anything that makes loud noises. Bruno loves all humans…especially his family. His wagging tail and wiggling butt are ever-present signs of what a happy boy he is. 

Owin & Bruno Rimando looking sharp.

Nick Rimando blocking a shot on-goal.

Nick’s dogs don’t give two wags that he’s a pro athlete. All they know is that he’s a good dad and feeds them well!

Nick Rimando walking in front of graffiti wall with dogs Bruno & Owin.