Pat Moore pushing on his skateboard in a park with his dog, Murphy, running out front on a leash.

Pat Moore is a Pro Snowboarder from New Hampshire who now resides in Salt Lake City. His snowboarding career has earned him multiple X Games medals, video parts, magazine covers and nominations for Transworld Snowboarding’s coveted Rider Of The Year award. Pat’s snowboarding speaks for itself.

Pat Moore crouching down holding his skateboard with his dog Murphy.

Pat’s dog, Murphy, is a high-energy Cocker Spaniel mix that he and his girlfriend rescued in southern Utah.

Night shot of Pat Moore jibbing off a parking building on his snowboard.  

Pat Moore doing a big indi spin on his snowboard over two fences.

“The best part about having Murphy,” according to Pat, “has been learning more and more about where I live. He is an amazing companion who is always down to explore.”

Pat sums up dog ownership by saying, “A dog is a perfect excuse to go on hikes or bike rides and to find cool new spots that I normally wouldn’t be looking for.” 

Pat Moore's dog, Murphy, standing with a Block43 leash and collar on.