Thomas Davis working with a wolfdog.

Thomas started working professionally with canines at a very young age. In 2010 he started Adirondack Animal Services LLC, a professional Pet Sitting and dog walking company. From there he was offered many different avenues and within 2 years he was a Certified Pet Tech Instructor, traveling the country certifying pet care professionals and pet lovers on pet CPR and First Aid. He also spent a brief period as a Dog Control Officer, gaining experience with a wide variety of canines and situations.

As his business grew, his name spread, and he became well known as the go to guy for canines. He then ventured into the dog training world. “In my travels I’ve worked with some of the top dog trainers and behaviorists in the US!” says Davis, “I also work with a pack of wolves in Colorado in the Summer holding canine education classes and of course learning daily from the Wolves.”

Now after 5 years of traveling and working with hundreds of canines in all sorts of crazy scenarios he has opened up Upstate Canine Academy. His facility offers dog training and holds monthly educational courses, helping people better communicate with their dogs. Even with a full plate, he is still traveling, still learning, still educating, and most importantly, still helping man’s best friend. Learn more at

Thomas Davis with his St. Bernard.

Black & white photo of Thomas Davis working with a German Shepard in front of an American flag.

Thomas Davis and a beautiful wolfdog.