A question we typically get asked is how to we know which size leash our beast. The best way to ensure a perfect fit is to determine what type of walking you and your beast do. Do they lead in front and a big dog? Then we suggest the 1"x6' leash. 

Leashes come in four sizes. Each size for leash is based off the preference of the human relative to dog. 

3/8" x 4' Leash - Little Beast 

This is the thinnest leash we offer, typically used for small and tea cup size dogs.

5/8" x 4' Leash - Small Dogs

This is considered our small dog size leash. Its 4 feet in length. 

1" x 6' Leash - Large Dogs

This is our longest and widest leash, perfect fit for big dog breeds.

1" x 24" Traffic Leash - Training *NOT PICTURED

This leash is only 2ft long and perfect for keeping your beast right at your side.