We love dogs and are committed to helping them...especially since they cannot help themselves. Wolfgang works with select programs to make dogs and people happy! 

Nuzzle’s & Co. Adoption Center & Rescue Ranch, who rescue vulnerable animals from kill shelters and make them available for adoption. These dedicated warriors for cats and dogs cover a lot of ground in the name of these helpless critters. From their storefront in Park City, Utah, to the 100-acre Rescue Ranch a few miles away, and all the way to the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners region, Nuzzles finds those who are in trouble or otherwise invisible to the world, and matches them with families who need their positive influence. For more info, visit NuzzlesAndCo.org


Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs, a volunteer canine search & rescue organization using dogs for mountain and urban rescues. Established in 1980...the oldest and largest search dog organization in the state of Utah...they provide assistance in wilderness searches, tracking & trailing, water recoveries, avalanche searches, urban searches, human remains detection & cadaver searches, and disaster searches. See more details at RockyMountainRescueDogs.com


Dog cone with artwork

More Than A Cone, an art-based social awareness campaign designed to raise awareness about pet adoption, wellness, and recovery. Since 2014 More Than A Cone has been using gala events centered around artwork applied to the dreaded "cone of shame" to bring people together for the cause. See what it's all about at MoreThanACone.com


Canines with a Cause, who provide highly-trained service dogs, rescued from shelters and trained by prison inmates, free of charge to veterans suffering from PTSD and other disabilities. Their mantra, Saving Three Lives rings true since the veterans', the inmates', and certainly the dogs' lives are all positively altered by this unique relationship between man & beast. Learn more at CaninesWithACause.org


Brite Blue Guatemalan girl in hammock with dog    

Brite Blue, which provides scholarships to underprivileged kids in Guatemala…okay, they’re not dogs, but we like people a lot, too, and this program gives a leg-up to some great people in a pretty tough part of the world. For over ten years this small and dedicated team has covered their own travel expenses to make 100% of Brite Blue's funds available to the intended recipients. Dozens of lives have been improved and the multi-generational impact will change the course of these families forever. For a real tear-jerker, check out their site at BriteBlue.org