Mila the Shiftless Shop Dog

Mila the shop dog in the screen printing shop.

Mila is in the “Working Dog” group, but she’s never worked a day in her life. She spends as many days in the shop as her “master” Nate (we’re not sure who is master in this relationship, honestly) but she’s known to not contribute to his thriving screen printing operation, Offside Apparel in SLC, in any significant way. She does, however, know how to shake with both paws and she is always, always there with Nate.

Mila likes fishing, and running for no particular reason (Nate’s apparent exercise of choice), and seeing old friends. Just don’t invade her personal space, Nate’s office, if you’re a dog…it really makes her hot under the collar.

Mila on the floor of the screen printing shop with Nate at the machine.