The Dusty Shop Dogs of Project Sunday

Shar pei on floor in shop with dude's legs.

There’s one day of the week around Salt Lake City that ends up being real quiet…and that’s Sunday. For reasons that should be obvious, many of the city’s inhabitants aren’t working or shopping. This leaves the streets and businesses wide open for industrious guys like Jordan Omohundro and his hand-picked crew to get done just about anything they want to get done. This regional phenomenon has everything to do with how Jordan’s group, called Project Sunday, came to be.

Jordan and his Shar Pei sitting in the workshop.

Working out of their part furniture-building, part bike-building shop, these cats (and their saw-dusty dogs) make interesting things happen. A quick visual inventory of the space counts up many seemingly unrelated yet beautifully connected objects; reclaimed industrial floodlights turned living room lamps; disused interior house doors turned mixed media collage canvases; an organic vapor meter (whatever that is) turned eye candy; a hand crafted rifle rack with its own cartoon inspired muzzle blast. Fun, funny and downright cool crap is everywhere.

Workshop with dogs in the background.

On top of the re-imagined items are all kinds of pieces of bespoke furniture in various levels of completion made for customers from near and far. It is this custom furniture that is the core of the Project Sunday business. There are custom display cases for boutique retailers. Custom barstools for one-off restaurants. Custom marquee signs. Living room lamps for lucky homeowners. Everything custom. Everything unique. Everything from Jordan’s imagination.

A layer of sawdust covers every inch of this place, and almost everything in the space is a part of an elaborate play structure for two quintessential shop dogs, Cash and Luna. This Shar Pei mix and Shepard mix duo go at it like a couple of honey badgers fighting for supremacy, diving under tables and table saws, weaving amongst hand built street bikes and welding benches, playing tug-o-war with discarded table legs…the entertainment level for us people is high and their contribution to the vibe of the shop seems vital to the creative process. Every time we visit these guys we want to buy something. More importantly, we always walk away inspired to do more cool Wolfgang projects and to do them better.

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