Wolfgang Man & Beast x Goldcoast Skateboards

Goldcoast skateboard with Wolfgang ProcessPrint collection against old painted wall.

Wolfgang Man & Beast has crossbred with Goldcoast Skateboards on their new board, The Process, bringing graphic excellence to the age-old practice of being sled-dogged down the street on your skateboard by your key companion.

In this first-of-its-kind collaboration, Goldcoast brings their new symmetric, 38-inch long, 10-inch wide ultra-cruiser, The Process, a skateboard that is made out of panda food* and which rides on reverse pivot trucks and grippy 70-mm Shredboot wheels.

On the menu from Wolfgang are the ProcessPrint leash, dog collar, keychain and a new super comfortable harness, all infused with the repeating Process artwork and available in multiple sizes.

Put the kit together with the right dog and you’ll be physically unstoppable and fashionably unassailable.


Closeup of Goldcoast skateboard with Wolfgang ProcessPrint products.