Wolfgang X Cotopaxi + Nuzzles & Co. DO GOOD

Wolfgang Man & Beast and Cotopaxi have joined forces to create the GoodDog series…a unique group of products which will make each trip to the dog park better while supporting a great cause at Nuzzles & Co.. Together, we seek to live up to the commendable Cotopaxi tagline to DO GOOD.


Cotopaxi has created the Bataan Del Dia Fanny Pack…a colorful patchwork of 100% remnant fabrics brought together in the most useful of packs…which is perfect for carrying treats and poop bags on daily walks. For its part, Wolfgang has created the GoodDog series of Collars, Leashes, Harnesses and Martingales…everything you need to walk your beautiful beast in style and with its head held high. 

Black dog with colorful harness & leash

Both Wolfgang and Cotopaxi have their headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, so a collaboration was a natural fit. Supporting Nuzzles & Co., which is located in Park City and saves abandoned, neglected, and homeless animals from euthanasia shelters, rounded out the project. 


Proceeds from the sale of the GoodDog series will contribute to a grant to Nuzzles & Co. that will support pet parents struggling to take care of their pets during the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As people work to make ends meet, the added responsibilities of owning a pet can amplify the stress and make things tough. The good this projects seeks to do will help the pets, but mostly will help to relieve this stress on their people.