Brandon Steineckert and his dog Radio.

Branden Steineckert is a Utah native and professional drummer for the veteran punk band Rancid. Branden founded the band The Used in 2001, but was kicked out in 2006 due to his choice to live a sober/drug free lifestyle. That same year Branden was asked to fill in for the recently departed drummer of Rancid during their UK tour, and was quickly asked to join as a full time member.

Brandon Steineckert and his dog Radio at a dinner table. Brandon Steineckert playing drums in the band Rancid in front of a giant crowd.

In addition to Rancid and studio drum work, Branden tours with other bands, like H2O, Goldfinger, Milla Jovovich, and others. Branden also works as a producer/songwriter out of his Utah based “Unknown Studios”. Branden wrote the official team anthem for MLS soccer team Real Salt Lake titled “Believe”.

In his free time Branden enjoys playing soccer, hockey, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakesurfing, riding ATVs, downhill mountain biking and many other outdoor, recreational activities.

Branden has always been a dog person and had many beloved family dogs growing up. In 2003 he met his new best friend, a 6-week old black lab/border collie mix puppy named Radio that was a gift from a friend. Radio toured all around North America during the time Branden was in The Used as the official “road dog.”

Radio loves boating, although she doesn’t like getting in the water. She and Branden are best friends!

Black & white photo of Brandon Steineckert climbing on his drums during a concert. Radio the dog looking over the rail of a ski boat.