SunsetPalms REACT DUAL-HANDLE DOG LEASH – Wolfgang Man & Beast


Without going all Tommy Bahama or Margaritaville, let’s just say that we are suckers for the tropics and lazy beach days. Just make sure it’s one of the many Dog Beaches out there and bring the mutts along for a little frisbee, hole digging, and a splash in the shorebreak. 

WHAT IS THE REACT LEASH? Sometimes on our daily dog walks we get into situations that require a little more control than is offered by a standard leash. At a crosswalk in the city. When a varmint flees in front of your ever-vigilant canine companion on a trail hike. Maybe it’s you…maybe you’re just a control freak. 

With its dual-handle design, the React Leash makes taking control easy with an extra handle very close to the leash’s collar attachment, bringing maximum control as close as possible to your beloved and sometimes boisterous beast.

Lifetime Warranty